Enter the Next Level of Customer Support Experience with AI Technology

AI-driven product support takes the SAP customer support experience to the next level. Jens Trotzky, head of Artificial Intelligence Technology for SAP Support, explains what AI-driven support is, how it works, and its benefits to SAP customers.

Q: What is AI-driven support?

A: AI-driven support is SAP’s next step toward a more automated, personalized, and preventative customer support experience. Based on machine learning technology, this new support approach will help to provide relevant answers much faster while continuously improving the service with each query being processed and finally help prevent incidents.

How does it work?

Over many years, support has been a very data-driven exercise. Finding the cause of a problem — the so-called root cause analysis — heavily depends on data to narrow down an issue and identify a solution for even highly complex problems. Machine learning technology is centered around pattern recognition in Big Data sources. In AI-driven support, we put both elements together to analyze large amounts of support data and provide real-time answers to customer problems. The use of machine learning allows us to be case-specific and avoid a one-size-fits-all support approach. The user is now in the center of a fully personalized support approach.


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